Meet Yasmina

Insurance For The 21st Century

Starting 1 SAR/ Day, You Can Rest Assured That Your Home, Family & Possessions Are Safe.  

Buying insurance used to be complicated. With Yasmina, in 90 seconds, you are insured, and it costs less than a Starbucks Coffee, per month. 

Risk Comes Fast. 

​Most of us do not think that anything bad will happen, but when it happens, we wish that we took precautions. 

Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams


Peace of mind

Yasmina offers a digitally native Home and Renters Insurance that is fast, affordable, and customer-obsessed.

We do this by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, and behavioral economics, which we apply to both insurance issuance and claims.

Yasmina’s Promise

Buy your Home Insurance in 90 seconds, online, and pay monthly.


Yasmina helps you


Protect Your Most Expensive Asset- Your Home!


Sleep Better At Night Knowing That Your Family Is Protected


Worry Less About What Ifs


Dynamically Manage Your Insurance Policy


Minimse Decision Fatiuge


Manage Your Claim Through The App

We want to bring back Insurance to what it once was

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

A tool for social good

At its heart, insurance is a group of people coming together to say: If one suffers, we will all help him/ her. 

But somewhere along the process, insurance became a promise from insurance companies to make your life harder when you need help the most. 

Yasmina is on a mission to change that.

A reflection of us caring about each other

The 1 SAR/day that you pay goes to a pool of money. 

That money is used when someone's home is impacted by theft, flooding or fire. 

At the end of the year, Yasmina will make a profit once we have paid all the claims and helped people rebuild their homes.
If we spent all the money, then Yasmina will make money the next year. 

At the heart if what we do is to bring people together to help each other. 

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Image by Ryoji Iwata

A reflection of a healthy society

The more people that use insurance, the more protected we are, as a society. 

Most importantly: Insurance that people love buying because it gives them peace of mind & a fallback plan.