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Yasmina renter insurance allows you to protect your belongings without worrying about the building itself, as you don't own it. With Yasmina Renter Insurance, you only need to insure what you own and cherish

Yasmina Insurance
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Yasmina offers a digitally native Home & Renters Insurance

Yasmina Insurance Is
Approved by SAMA

Yasmina offers a digitally native Home & Renters Insurance

When you purchase through Yasmina
Insurance, your policy is issued by Walaa
Cooperative Insurance Co.

Content insurance (Renter)

Insure everything you own from damage or loss, whether it’s in
your house or outside.

Loss or Damage to

Crime and vandalism coverage pays for your stuff if it’s damaged or stolen.

Rent Reimbursement/
Temporary Accommodation

We’ll cover expenses until you get back on your feet.

Liability Cover

Liability coverage protects against lawsuits due to accidents in your home.

Home Contents Cover

Fire and smoke protection has you covered if things get a little heated.

Worldwide Cover for your valuables

Wherever you are, we protect your stuff and keep them safe.

Download the
Yasmina app

  You can get fully insured from your phone

  You can pay monthly starting at SAR 1 a day

  And you get covered in less than 90 seconds.